3-Week Cookie Taste Off Kit

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Week 1 of 3 “COOKIE TASTE OFF”

Not your Grandma’s cookie, or is it? You be the judge!

This week’s Delicious Cookie Flavors -
RedVelvet with White chocolate chips
Green Mint Chocolate Chip
Triple Threat Chocolate
Lofthouse w/Pink Frosting & Sprinkles
The EMMA-Oatmeal Cream Sandwich

6 NEW Yummy Cookie Flavors
2 of each Flavor (12 total cookies)
Voting Form to select TOP 3 ⭐️
* Each purchase AND vote enters you into a drawing for 6 FREE TASTE OFF COOKIES of YOUR Choice!!

Order this week - Pick up week of 11/9

Curbside pick-up is available, call us when you arrive 🚗